Residential Property – The Recovery Continues

6 February 2017

There is no doubt that the market faces some significant economic and political challenges over the next few years, including the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the changes to Stamp Duty.  However, there is a boost by improved mortgage lending across the whole of the market, and an improvement in general confidence.

Ten years on the housing market is still feeling the after-effects of the credit crunch, which started on 9th August 2007, with existing homeowners struggling to trade up, a doubling of typical first-time buyer deposit, and a rather large gap between London and the rest of Britain.  In short, home buyers now need bigger deposits.

Here at Sterling Developments (London) Ltd we offer services to assist clients:-

  1. Purchasing properties with or without Planning Permission
  2. Gaining Planning Permission
  3. Purchasing Properties where Mortgages cannot be obtained
  4. Identifying the right sites
  5. Selling or Leasing Developments

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